For the past decade we’ve been sharing our love for adventures with travelers from all over the world.


Since 2014, our team has been focusing exclusively on immersive travel experiences, showing you a destination in a way that is hard to see if you only stay on the tourist trail.

You’re not going to find us in places affected by mass tourism, you’re not going to experience Greece by queuing up for sights, you’re not going to see the country through the window of a bus or the deck of a ferry, surrounded by dozens of tourists.
What we promise you is a unique cultural experience, where sights, history, food, architecture and people take precedence over ticking boxes off a list and rushing through places.


Our small team of travel experts are dedicated to working with you towards customizing each experience to your individual needs, providing insight into the destinations and ensuring you’re staying clear of tourist traps, overpriced activities and non authentic food.
We are proud of our extensive knowledge of both the mainland and the islands and we can’t wait to share it with you. We realize how valuable your time is while here and we will ensure you arrive excellently prepared to experience Greece the way it should be experienced.
Our approach when it comes to designing our itineraries takes into account your needs, wishes and potential limitations and we work together into catering the experience to reflect just that. Video calls upon booking, suggested packing lists, interactive sightseeing maps and an array of information on local destinations are all at your disposal when you reach out to us.
From planning your vacation to arriving at the airport to departing from Greece we’re there to assist you.

When you book one of our trips, rest assured that there’s no hidden fees. All of the information on what’s included in your trip is carefully laid out on our website as well as the informational PDF you receive prior to booking one of our trips. You know exactly what you’re paying for at all times. When something isn’t included in your itinerary, most likely a meal on the islands, our tour leaders are there to help you make arrangements.
Any time we recommend an activity, establishment or local restaurant it’s because we honestly think it will add to your experience and we have had great feedback from guests over the years. We don’t accept freebies or have any monetary incentive to steer you to a specific restaurant on the islands, for example. If we suggest a place it’s because the food is authentic and delicious. And just like you, we always pay for our own meals!

Above all we’re travelers ourselves and have been so for most of our lives. Some of the most memorable travel experiences our team members have had over the years have been either solo or in the presence of a small travel group.
At Bearing True South we deliver high quality trips for small groups of friends, families or strangers that are fully guided from the moment you arrive to the moment we say farewell.

Traveling in a small group gives us the necessary flexibility to ensure an immersive cultural experience, adjust the pace as needed and adapt to changing circumstances. Sailing the Aegean sea, hiking mountain trails in the Peloponnese, exploring ancient archaeological sites in the Central Greek highlands are all supposed to be intimate, crowdless experiences and we deliver just that.

Our team of local guides and their extensive knowledge of each and every destination we operate in, are at your disposal at all times, for the duration of your trip with us. Embarking on a fully guided Greek adventure means that you’ll be able to fully take advantage of your guide’s extensive experience and intimate knowledge of its destination, its sights, culture and local people.
We’re great at showing guests our country and truly enjoy getting to know them and introducing them to our culture. We consider ourselves truly lucky to be able to do what we do and if it ever stops being fun we’ll look for another profession. In the meantime, we’re passionate about showing you an amazing time.

At Bearing True South we operate a small fleet of minivans that are all built in the past 5 years and are exceptionally serviced. They’re comfortable and never overcrowded, giving our guests the necessary space to properly relax and enjoy the ride.
When it comes to our sailboats, they’re all brand new models, all of them built past 2020. We operate a small fleet of 9 sailboats, their sizes ranging from 46 to 54 feet long, exceptionally maintained and rigged by us. They can comfortably accommodate 6-8 guests in double bed or twin cabins with ensuite bathrooms/showers, as well as a crew of 2 in separate quarters.

We always strive for a minimal environmental impact on the destinations we visit. Most of our itineraries fall into the “human powered” adventures category, meaning we’ll always use the sails if there’s enough wind and we’ll prefer to hike to a medieval chapel as opposed to taking a vehicle ride there.
When we have to resort to mechanized forms of transport, we try to ensure that such vehicles are newly built and in accordance with the EU emission regulations.
It goes without saying that we leave nothing behind when we’re exploring in the outdoors and we encourage and practice proper recycling on all our trips.

We’ve met some amazing people over the years who trusted us with their vacation to Greece. We swam, snorkeled, sailed, hiked, trekked and river rafted with them. We broke bread, fell off paddleboards, drank wine and watched the sunset together. We’ve exchanged life stories, we’ve connected over our love for travel, our passion for food, our common desire to explore. And even though 10 years have passed since our first tour, it’s still hard every time a trip ends and we have to say goodbye.
We genuinely like people. And they seem to like us back!
The excellent feedback we’ve been consistently getting through reviews and in person is a testament to that.



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