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Our meeting point is the marina in Lavrio where our sailboats are docked. Early in the afternoon we board our sailing boat that will be our home for the first 4 days of the trip. We leave the marina behind us and sail south, where the island of Poros awaits, one of the most charming and authentic islands of the Saronikos Gulf. Poros is tiny, easy to explore on foot and it’s a place of rich history that spans over two millennia. We’ll arrive there late in the afternoon with plenty of time to explore Poros’ old town. A guided tour will take you to the clocktower, Poros’ famous landmark, for some amazing views of the bay, though cobblestone alleys. Flower covered, whitewashed 18th century homes, friendly locals, 14th century chappels and some amazing sunset views make Poros an excellent introduction to the Saronic Gulf.

In the morning, after breakfast, we sail southeast to the stunningly beautiful Hydra, where we will arrive early afternoon.
Hydra is the most prosperous island in the region and the epicenter of many naval battles during the Greek wars of independence. The excellent Naval Museum introduces you to our nation’s medieval history and is highly recommended!
A ban of motorized vehicles on the island adds to its charm and Hydra is the ideal place for hikes and exploration on foot. An array of traditional tavernas, some of them dating back to the 18th century, cool coffee shops right on the water, historic 16-18th century mansions, a medieval fort, as well as vivid nightlife, provide us with countless options for entertainment and sightseeing on our guided walking tour of the island. 

After breakfast, we sail further south to the tiny island of Dokos. Dokos is pretty much uninhabited, unless you count a handful of Greek Orthodox monks and their livestock. It’s also the site of the oldest underwater shipwreck known to man, dating back to 2500 BC. Not much remains of the wreck nowadays but swimming and snorkeling opportunities abound, so take advantage of that!
Further south, off the Peloponnesian coast, lies the evergreen island of Spetses, our destination for the day. Besides its rich history, aristocratic past and its prominent role in the Greek war of independence, Spetses boasts some of the best restaurants in the south of Greece, as well as some stunningly beautiful beaches. The main road goes around the island which gives us a unique opportunity to explore the island on a bicycle. It’s a 24km cycling loop that circumnavigates the island and along the way we stop at various beaches and beach bars to refuel. 

In the morning we set our sails west of Spetses towards the eastern coast of the Peloponnese peninsula and the seaside town of Leonidio where we board our minivan and start the second part of our adventure, the exploration of the mainland!
Separated from the North part of the country by the Gulf of Corinth, surrounded by the Aegean Archipelago on the east and the Ionian on the west, Peloponnese, the southernmost part of the Greek mainland, will be our playground for the rest of our trip.
In Leonidio, you will have plenty of time to unwind, get your lunch and have a last swim before we start driving west towards the region of Arcadia and the village of Vytina, our destination for the day.

After a hearty breakfast, we set out to explore the traditional mountain settlements of Arcadia as well as hike the famous Menalon Trail. 75 km long in total, the Menalon trail is the only internationally certified hiking trail in Greece and one of the Leading Quality Trails – Best in Europe.
We start with a morning stroll around the narrow alleys of the village of Dimitsana and head towards the Lousios River Gorge. A stunning landscape, surrounded by the mountains of Central Peloponnese, Lousios Gorge is the ultimate hikers’ playground.
Along the dense forest surrounding the Lousios river, a part of Menalon Trail will lead us to the Byzantine monasteries, “Moni Prodromou” and “Moni Philosofou”, built on the steep rocks overlooking the river banks.
Before we get back to Vytina, we stop at the village of Stemnitsa, a mountain village in the pristine fir tree forest of Mount Menalon.

Continuing our drive west, our first stop for the day is the Nemea valley that boasts 3500 years of winemaking history. We visit a vineyard there, where you get to taste a great variety of wines, native to the region.
In the afternoon, we’ll arrive at the east coast of the Peloponnese and the seaside town of Nafplio, modern Greece’s first capital and arguably the most charming town in southern Greece.
Nafplio has a great number of attractions, including an island fortress, a medieval castle, historical museums and byzantine churches, as well as a great promenade that takes you to 3 isolated bays that are perfect for swimming throughout the year.
The food scene is great in Nafplio and we encourage you to ask your guide to recommend places while there.
You could also opt to hike up to the Palamidi Castle, Nafplion’s Medieval fortress for some panoramic views of both the town and bay.

Our last stop on our way back to Athens is Epidaurus, a small fishing village surrounded by orange and olive groves. Due to its strategic location it was one of the most important harbors in ancient times and a Unesco World Heritage site today.
Epidaurus is home to Greece’s most important ancient theater which is 2350 years old. The theater of Epidaurus is the birthplace of comedy and tragedy and one of the most important archeological sites in the country.
Once there you will get to visit the archeological site and the museum before we board our van and head back to Athens where we arrive later that afternoon.


 1. What are accommodations like on your tours?

In order to guarantee a memorable overall experience throughout your adventure with Bearing True South, we have carefully handpicked a mix of family-run, boutique hotels for your accommodation. On your sailing adventures with Bearing True South, we operate a fleet of 4 or 5 cabin sailing yachts with a large sundeck and a comfortable indoor galley for meals and relaxing. There are three/four double bed cabins available for our guests, depending on the sailboat you choose, under the main deck of the yacht and separate crew quarters.
In all our trips, land or sailing, accommodation is operated on a twin share basis. This means that traveling as an individual, you will be sharing accommodation and room facilities with another person of the same sex or your partner, spouse, family, friend etc. 


    2. What are meals like on your tours?

When traveling with Bearing True south, you’ll experience a great variety of delicious food, based on traditional Greek cuisine. Emphasizing on the regional cuisine of our destinations, we have carefully selected local, family run, restaurants for our groups.
On our land trips, breakfasts are always included in the total price and are provided at the hotels. On an outdoor activity day, when a picnic lunch is mentioned in the day to day itinerary, we usually buy local cheeses, vegetables, cured meat, bread, local pies from local markets so you don’t miss out on the specialities of the region. Picnic lunches are always included in the price of the tour.
On our sailing trips, all breakfasts and “light lunches” are provided by us on board on a self-serving basis.  “Light lunch” and “breakfast” usually refers to fresh Mediterranean salads, pasta, milk, coffee, tea, juice, cereal, bread, sandwiches, omelets or fresh fruit, local cheeses and cold cuts. You have access to a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals on your own or together with the crew.
Dinners are usually in local restaurants and are not included in the tour price. This gives our groups the flexibility to either eat together or explore the destination on their own and enjoy a larger variety of local dishes after a long day. When a meal is not included feel free to ask your tour leader to suggest a local restaurant in the village or town you are staying.
For the meal plan of the tour please refer to the day to day itinerary and the extra info of the tour. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, have any food allergies or any special requests when it comes to food, please let us know at the time of booking.



    3. What are some extra services you provide?

Upon request we can arrange for taxi or minivan transfers from and to the airport and the marina, paddleboard and SUP rental on our sailing tours, shopping for personal supplies from guests prior to their arrival. Should you require a private guided tour of the Acropolis and the historical center of Athens we work with government registered archaeologists and can arrange half or full day tours. Should you require a private full or half day sightseeing tour of Athens with one of our guides we can also arrange that. 



    4. What equipment is provided while sailing?

On all our sailing tours there’s enough snorkeling gear for everyone onboard. That includes masks, breathers and fins. There’s also an inflatable dinghy available to take guests to shore or on short rides when we’re anchored in various bays. 

Upon request we can also arrange the rental of paddle boards (SUPs) at an extra charge per week.  



    5. How physically demanding are your tours? 

Our tours are catered to all ages and the level of physical excretion can be adjusted to reflect each group’s specific dynamics. We expect our guests to be able to walk on their own, as, unfortunately, sightseeing in the mainland and sailing on the islands isn’t ideal for wheelchair dependent guests. We also expect our guests to have a reasonable level of fitness, i.e. to be able to walk unassisted for a couple of hours on a daily basis during our tours. 



    6. Are the itineraries set? 

The style of travel in our adventures provides us a great deal of excitement, however it is dependent on several factors, such as weather, terrain conditions and technical problems with transportation. These may create unexpected circumstances throughout our tours that we have to deal with by making minor changes to the tour itinerary or the activities included in a particular day. For that reason the described day to day itinerary is used as a guideline which gives us the flexibility to make changes when needed.


    7. What does a typical sailing day look like? 

After a self serving breakfast on the sailboat the crew informs you of our first destination of the day. This could be another island or a different part of the same island. We sail there, drop anchor and have plenty of time to explore the bay, snorkel, swim, paddleboard or relax on the deck. In the early afternoon, after a light lunch is served onboard we set sails once again for our next destination of the day. That’s usually an island’s marina, where we dock and have time to relax and unwind until the early evening. Your tour leader will then take you on a private walking tour of the local sights. These tours focus on culture, history, architecture and of course food. We hike or use public transportation or on occasion private taxis. The tours, depending on the place, last between 1 and 3 hours and usually end just before it’s time for dinner. Dinner options are aplenty and our tour leader is always there 


    8. What is the tipping culture in Greece? 

Tips are welcome and ideally presented in cash. It is customary to tip your tour leader and skipper for their services throughout the trip. 


    9. Do you offer post tour extensions / add-ons?

We do offer tour extensions and add-ons for our guests. We realize that your time here is limited and some people want to see as much as possible without the hassle of figuring things out as they come.

If you feel like exploring more of the mainland we offer 2-3 day tours of the Monasteries of Meteora and the Delphi archaeological site. We also offer tours to the Peloponnese and Ancient Olympia as well as Kalamata, Nafplion and the Mani Peninsula. We operate those tours ourselves and have had nothing but great feedback over the years. 


    10. What is the weather usually like?

Greece in general has warm and humid summers lasting from May till October. In May and October weather can be less predictable with some rain and chilly temperatures being possible especially in the Greek mainland. Greek summers are generally hot, with temperatures rarely getting lower than 25 degrees Celsius in most of our destinations, while temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius during the day are not unheard of in July and August. In the open sea, weather can be tough to predict all year round, but in the summer the seas are generally calm and ideal for sailing. Generally, cool temperatures and occasional rainfalls occur often at night, especially in the mountains, a fact that you have to take into account when packing for your adventure. 


    11. What should I pack for my tour?

Being as light as possible is always important on an adventure tour plus space is limited on board a sailboat so our travelers are expected to bring with them a backpack or suitcase as well as a daypack for personal items and valuables. A sample packing list will be provided by us upon booking your adventure with us. Feel free to use it as a general guideline on how to pack sensibly for that specific tour at that specific time of year. 




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