Bearing True South - Guided Adventure Tours in Greece

Bearing True South


Bearing True South is more than an adventure tourism company.

We are a team of like minded, experienced travelers who share certain values on what a journey means to everyone involved in the process, be that the visitor, the host community or the natural environment itself.

With the objective of providing travelers with authentic, memorable, ‘place dependent’ experiences, we organize nature based guided tours, ranging from off-road road trips and treasure hunt themed sailing, to shipwreck diving and adrenaline charged multi day mountain treks.

We cooperate with hand-picked certified specialists with several years of experience for each activity and work together with carefully selected locals who contribute their extensive knowledge of the places we visit, in order to deliver high quality travel experiences by travelers for travelers.

Check your compass, get your bearings, join us on one of our adventures and let us show you Europe’s stunningly beautiful True South!

Our Story

Panos and Stav, founders of Bearing True South, have been traveling the world for the better part of the past two decades, involved in different areas of the tourism and media industries.

From the tribal cultures of the South Pacific and the Savannas of Eastern Africa to the snowy steppes of Central Asia, they have worked in a variety of local or international projects, whether documenting, studying or volunteering. Both Greek natives and childhood friends, they have been exploring their own sunny backyard, Greece, their whole lives, whenever work or leisure would bring them back.

Realizing the true potential of the country’s huge cultural and geographical diversity, Bearing True South, a project introducing travelers to the lesser known parts of Greece, came into fruition early 2014, after years of both academic and field research.